Preserve a way of life for our members and communities.  


Be a world-class cooperative to ensure the economic viability of our members, customers, and communities.  


  1. Integrity: we uphold Bleyhl CO·OP as a community institution that reflects the honest, hard-working values of the communities and customers we serve. Our goal is to not profit from this position, but preserve a way of life where partnerships are secured through trust, relationships and handshakes. We mean what we say and our word is our bond.  

  1. Innovation: we see a unique opportunity to reclaim the values of our past and blend with the technology of the future to create resilient and prosperous farms and communities. Our search never ends for innovative tools and practices that will increase the prosperity of our members and customers.  

  1. Independence: The success of the Yakima Valley is due to contributions from generations of hard-working, ingenious families and individuals. We believe our continued success will be protecting the creativity and independence of our valley from bureaucratic intervention and businesses that do not share our commitment to local growers and communities.  


Our goal is simple – to meet the current and emerging needs of the grower. We achieve this by:

  1. Providing the highest quality of service and product to ensure economic viability of the farm, whatever size.  

  1. Reinvesting the profits from the partnership between the grower and Co·op in the form of annual patronage checks.  

  1. Ensuring the values of the Co·op are consistently aligned with those of our members and growers to preserve the farming community in the Yakima Valley.  

And we promise the following outcomes: 

  1. Growers have the most advanced toolbox at the best value to ensure a successful crop from year-year. 

  1. Their trust and investment in the Co·op is rewarded with ever-growing patronage checks.  

  1. The Co·op is an instrument to support community institutions and endeavors to ensure the Yakima Valley is the preeminent, most vibrant farming community for generations.