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When you join Bleyhl Co-op, you become part-owner of our organization. Your investment builds the Co-op’s equity and supports a community-owned business, supporting the local economy. The cost of a share in the Co-op is $100. Contact us to become a Member-Owner of Bleyhl Co-op today!

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what is aFarmer's Co-op

1. A group of individuals who share similar problems and goals is looking for a solution.

2. These individuals pull from their resources to increase their buying power.

3. A board of directors is appointed to develop and administer systems in its member's best interests.

4. Farmers can now trust that they can purchase what they need when they need it.

5. As the co-op profits from sales, the growers receive patronage at the end of the year on products they needed to purchase anyway.

6. Other profits are put into a revolving fund, supporting future growth that ensures the co-op continues to prosper for the community and for generations to come.


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