Jordon McEntire
Bleyhl Co-op

PRESS RELEASE: Groundbreaking Ceremonies For New Pasco Location
Bleyhl Co-op – True Value - Great Harvest Foods      
Bleyhl Co-op, Great Harvest Bread Company, & Mountain States Construction is announcing the ground breaking ceremonies for the Bleyhl Co-op Pasco location. Join us as we celebrate this exciting process.
WHO:                      Bleyhl Co-op Retail Store, Great Harvest Bread Company
DATE:                     Wednesday, February 28th
TIME:                      10 am
LOCATION:            Road 68 & Chapel Hill 
The new 20,000 square foot store will open this fall on Road 68 & Chapel Hill. The store will have a greater selection of farm supplies, animal health and pet products, workwear, and True Value hardware to name a few.  The new store will also include a Great Harvest Bread Company location that will offer a collection of wholesome food options and baked goods.
“Our goal for the new Pasco store is that it will be the destination for any and all who live to roll up their sleeves and get mud on their boots” says Dan Morano, Bleyhl Co-op CEO. “Our expanded location will have a self-service pet wash, meeting space and feed program for 4-H & FFA clubs, educational classes & workshops, to name a few highlights.”
Bleyhl Cop-op is owned and governed by the nearly 1,000 growers and farmers that are the foundation of our regional economy.  Bleyhl Co-op is committed to preserving the values that have made the Tri-Cities and surrounding communities a diverse, dynamic destination:  integrity, innovation, and independence.  As a farmer-owned Co-op, the new Pasco store will reflect and preserve these values while meeting the evolving needs of our community.