In order to ensure that our members and growers receive the best service and expertise, we need the best talent. Here at Bleyhl CO·OP we foster creativity, innovation, and passion. We never believe there is a one and only way to accomplish a task, and we challenge ourselves everyday on how we can better and how can we better help the grower.
We offer very competitive pay and benefits, and many opportunities to advance and develop your professional skillset. But more than that, here at Bleyhl your efforts will not be funneled to line the pockets of some shareholder in NYC or executives at the top of the Co·op, but to give back to the family farm and preserve a way of life that has been sacred for generations.

If you are:

  • Passionate – we don’t believe in punching in & out here. We have a Purpose and only want people that buy-in to that purpose.
  • Innovative – require an opportunity to apply your creativity and never quit on how you and we can do better.
  • Honest – you don’t make excuses, and first and foremost, are accountable to yourself.

We want you to apply for the positions below, or reach out to us to set up an informational interview.

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Current Job Openings:

Agronomy Equipment Technician