Small town farm and ranch lifestyle is not cookie cutter and cannot be served by the dime-a-dozen suburban box stores. In the Yakima Valley we embrace a lifestyle built on ingenuity, value, and community.

Bleyhl Retail stores are here to nuture this unique lifestyle where you will find the products, the value, and most importantly, the people who share your passion for preserving a farm and ranch lifestyle.
CO-OP Critter Club now open at our PASCO location!

Bleyhl Co-op Critter Club has wash bays and dry stations for you to groom your pets in our facility rather than leave a wet mess to clean at home.

Washes include use of the following: Wash bay, shampoo, dry station, brush, and an apron to keep dry.

Dogs: $9.99 
Small Critters: $6.99

All washes receive one punch on our CO-OP Critter Club punch card. Get 9 punches and your 10th wash is FREE!


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