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Agronomy Team

Catherine Jones

Catherine has been with Bleyhl since 2018. She came here from WSU IAREC in the Clean Plant Center and the Soil Department. The crops she works with the most are grapes (wine and juice), hemp, hops, blueberries and cherries.

David VanKlinken

David joined the Bleyhl Co-op Agronomy team in 2011 after 4 decades of being a grower and farm manager. He has experience in most all crops grown in the area, and currently consults predominantly in wine and juice grapes.

Gilbert Newhouse

Gilbert has been with Bleyhl Co-op for nine years and his focus is primarily on row crops and hops.

Javier Lopez

Javier A. Lopez, MBA, is a certified agronomist who specializes in Conservation Agriculture, Nutrient Management, Irrigation Water Management and Integrated Pest & Disease Management in Dairy Crops and Hop Production Systems.

Jay Castle

Jay specializes in row crops and permanent crops in the Yakima Valley. He has been a consultant with Bleyhl Co-op for 20 years.

Jeff Sample

Jeff graduated from WSU in 1986 with a BS in Horticulture and has been a commercial crop consultant for many years. He has been with Bleyhl since 2014. His primary focus is tree fruit and grapes.

Jeremy Thompson

Jeremy attended WSU, focusing his studies on production agriculture and weed science. Jeremy enjoys working with a broad range of crops specializing in tree fruit, wine and juice grapes, and field crops (hay).

Jessie Martinez

Jessie has been with Bleyhl Co-op for 10 years. He specializes in tree fruit and grapes.

Jose Larios

Jose started with Bleyhl Co-op in 2002 at the Zillah location for 12 years in retail and agronomy. He transferred to the Grandview Agronomy department in 2015.

Justin Bos

Justin consults on most row crops, pasture ground and hops. He enjoys raising beef cattle, farming corn and forage.

Wayne Pearson

Wayne Pearson specialized in dryland cereals as well as dryland and irrigated forages, grass hay, pastures and weed/woody species control. He has 27 years as an Agricultural Consultant and over 40 years experience with livestock grazing.

Michael Hazzard

Fourteen years of experience as a Seedsman. He specializes in pasture blends and cover crop blends - pretty much anything that involves seed.

Adam Anderson

Adam will be focusing on seed sales in Moses Lake and surrounding areas.

Tom Clayton

Tom has always had his heart in farming. Growers hopes and needs are his top priorities. Tom specializes in seed and row crops.

Sean Cairns

Sean has been in Agronomy for 16 years and has been with Bleyhl Co-op since 2018.