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preserving a way of life for ourmembers and communities

When you're a farmer-owned organization, the local growers are what drives your business and how you do it. We listen to the valley's farmers, our eight member board of directors, our knowledgeable sales staff working tirelessly in the fields every day, and you, our customer.

We understand to meet your needs and to be a world-class cooperative we must ensure the economic viability of our members, customers and communities.

To achieve this, our business model includes providing the highest quality of service to all farm sizes, reinvesting profits from our partnerships in the form of annual patronage, and ensuring our Co-op's values align with your needs. Following this, we can provide the most advanced toolbox, at the best value, to ensure a successful crop from year to year.

Bleyhl Co-op History

  • 1964- BLEYHL CO-OP IS FOUNDED Bleyhl Co-op, named after brothers Alex and Carl Bleyhl, was founded. Ray Whitcomb was the first General Manager
  • 1969- FRED HARRIS TAKES THE LEAD AS GENERAL MANAGER Fred Harris was hired as Bleyhl's second general manager
  • 1973- GRANDVIEW IS ADDED Bleyhl Co-op purchased its Grandview location from Pacific Supply.
  • 1977- EXPANSION INTO ZILLAH The Co-op was expanded into Zillah.
  • 1982- EXPANSION OF CARDTROL STATIONS A cardtrol station was built in Toppenish along with a bulk fuel plant and Grandview also received a cardtrol station.
  • 1992- NEW GM/CEO GREG ROBERTSON Greg Robertson was hired as the Co-op's third general manager.
  • 1993- DISASTER STRIKES IN GRANGER AND ZILLAH Fire destroyed the old Granger feed mill and the Zillah retail store's roof collapsed.
  • 1998- GRANDVIEW EXPANDS Land was purchased in Grandview to include a future retail complex, cardtrol, energy office, and a main office.
  • 2006- SUNNYSIDE GETS A REMODEL Remodel of the Sunnyside location was completed.
  • 2008- NEW RETAIL STORE FINISHES CONSTRUCTION The Co-op's new retail store and Wine Country Deli was completed.
  • 2010- EXPANSION OF PROPANE STORAGE PLANT Bleyhl built a 120,000-gallon rail propane storage plant which extended its total storage capacity to 300,000.
  • 2013- SECOND RAIL SPUR FINISHED IN SUNNYSIDE The second rail spur and unloading tower was completed in Sunnyside.
  • 2015- NEW CEO DAN MORANO Dan Morano was hired as Bleyhl Co-op's new CEO.
  • 2019- NEW PASCO RETAIL LOCATION Construction of Pasco's new retail store is complete, and increased from 3,000 sq. ft. to 20,000 sq. ft.
  • 2020- NEW FERTILIZER PLANT The Co-op's new 6,400-ton bulk fertilizer plant was completed in Grandview.
  • 2020- NEW CEO/GM JOEL MARCOTT Joel Marcott was hired as the Co-op's 5th CEO/GM

What is a Co-op?

  • A group of individuals who share similar problems and goals is looking for a solution.
  • These individuals pull from their resources to increase their buying power.
  • A board of directors is appointed to develop and administer systems in its member's best interests.
  • Farmers can now trust that they can purchase what they need when they need it.
  • As the co-op profits from sales, the growers receive patronage at the end of the year on products they needed to purchase anyway.
  • Other profits are put into a revolving fund, supporting future growth that ensures the co-op continues to prosper for the community and for generations to come.

Our Purpose

Preserve a way of life for our members and communities.  

Our Promise 

Be a world-class cooperative to ensure the economic viability of our members, customers, and communities.  

Our Core Values 

  1. Integrity: we uphold Bleyhl Co-op as a community institution that reflects the honest, hard-working values of the communities and customers we serve. Our goal is to not profit from this position, but preserve a way of life where partnerships are secured through trust, relationships and handshakes. We mean what we say and our word is our bond.  

  1. Innovation: we see a unique opportunity to reclaim the values of our past and blend with the technology of the future to create resilient and prosperous farms and communities. Our search never ends for innovative tools and practices that will increase the prosperity of our members and customers.  

  1. Independence: The success of the Yakima Valley is due to contributions from generations of hard-working, ingenious families and individuals. We believe our continued success will be protecting the creativity and independence of our valley from bureaucratic intervention and businesses that do not share our commitment to local growers and communities.  

Bleyhl Co-opCo-op Calendar

«September 2022»
Harvest Hayday - Grandview

Harvest Hayday - Grandview


Event date: 10/9/2021 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM Export event

We are so excited to announce that our Harvest Hayday is scheduled for Saturday, October 9, 2021 from 10:00am-2:00pm at our Grandview location. This is a free, family friendly event!

Activities Include:
- Apple Pie Baking Contest
- Scarecrow Making Contest
- Petting Zoo
- Door Prizes
- Kids Activities
- Local Crafts and Vendors
- Plus more to come!

If you are a 4-H Club, FFA Chapter or Vendor who would like to get involved, please contact Danika at or (509) 492-1281.

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