What is a Co-op?

  • A group of individuals who share similar problems and goals is looking for a solution.
  • These individuals pull from their resources to increase their buying power.
  • A board of directors is appointed to develop and administer systems in its member's best interests.
  • Farmers can now trust that they can purchase what they need when they need it.
  • As the co-op profits from sales, the growers receive patronage at the end of the year on products they needed to purchase anyway.
  • Other profits are put into a revolving fund, supporting future growth that ensures the co-op continues to prosper for the community and for generations to come.

Bleyhl Co-op Membership


In 1964, 237 farmers each pitched in $1 to form Bleyhl Co-op because they saw the benefit of farmer-ownership and democratic control of their farm supplies and services. Bleyhl is governed by an eight-member board of directors that represent farms across the valley and Washington state at-large. The board members have a personal stake in seeing that the business meets its goal of helping members succeed. A percentage of annual profit is distributed back to members on a patronage basis. Over $18 million has been returned to our members since 1964. Our goal as a cooperative is to help our members achieve long-term prosperity and a better quality of life. Each member has one vote, regardless of the size of their farm. Bleyhl generates local jobs, and since the owner-members are local farmers, we won't pick up and move to a more profitable region during hard times. We are a part of your community.

Apply for Membership

To apply for membership, you need to apply for a Bleyhl credit account and be an active farm producer in the state of Washington. To apply, fill out the membership application and a W-9 (for reporting dividend earnings). You may return the forms to:

  • Bleyhl Co-op, Attn: Member Services, 940 E. Wine Country Rd., Ste. A, Grandview, WA 98930
  • Fax (509) 882-4208

To maintain your membership with Bleyhl Co-op, you must be actively farming and make a purchase each year. As a member of Bleyhl Co-op, you are eligible for a fleet discount.  Contact us for details!

Sometimes circumstances change and partnerships split or a member passes away.  The bylaws dictate how equity is to be transfered after these events. Please contact us and we can help you out with the necessary paperwork.