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Beginning June 1, 2021, our online customer portal will move to a more user-friendly platform, not only allowing online payments, but providing you simple access to your invoices, statements and patronage information. Purchases before June 1 will still be available from the old portal. Register your account with the new portal and if you have any problems please contact Kaitlin at (509) 882-7312 or We appreciate your business and are always looking for ways to improve your experience with us!


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Apply for a 30-day Credit Account

Bleyhl Co-op extends convenience credit to qualified customers. To apply for an account, please complete the appropriate credit application and gas card agreement. You may return the form to:

Credit Policy

It is our intent that this credit policy provides a convenient source of credit for clients to use in making their everyday purchases with payment due by the 15th of the following month. For your credit needs over thirty (30) days we recommend that you use your lending institution. Our rate for an account over thirty (30) days past due is 18% annually.


  • 1. A NEW CASH ONLY ACCOUNT can be established by the completion of a consent card whereby payment must be made at the TIME OF PURCHASE.
  • 2. Credit will be allowed to those accounts which have a good prior credit record with this Company and to new accounts with an approved credit application.
  • 3. The dollar amount of credit given to any individual or company will be determined by this policy and management's discretion.
  • 4. A new charge account may be established by the completion of a consent card and credit application. The company will check credit application reference information as promptly as possible. Applicants will be notified of the results of their application as soon as the credit determination is made. During this period, between application and notification, all purchases must be on a cash basis. When credit is approved, any credit limitations will be a part of the notification. All new accounts may or may not have full open account privileges.
  • 5. The closing date of the billing cycle will be the last day of each month. Statements will then be sent via mail, email (if on file), and uploaded to the customer portal. Failure to receive a statement does not eliminate payment obligation. Accounts are DUE AND PAYABLE IN FULL upon receipt of statement.
  • 6. All accounts MUST BE PAID IN FULL by the 15th of the following month. EXAMPLE: Client's credit limit is $100.00 - they make purchase of $42.50 during the month of January. It does not matter if the purchase was on the 2nd or the 31st of the month, the TOTAL MUST BE PAID IN FULL by the 15th of the following month. Management would appreciate the payment sooner, if possible.
  • 7. A monthly finance charge of one and one-half percent (1 1/2%) – eighteen (18%) ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE – will be imposed on all delinquent accounts.
  • 8. Finance charges will not be removed from an account without prior approval from the Accounts Receivable Specialist.
  • 9. Checks will be considered as payment when tendered. Postdated checks will not be accepted. The NSF charge for returned checks is $30.
  • 10. Accounts are considered “Past Due” and delinquent when a finance charge is applied. An account will be considered “seriously delinquent” when any portion of the carried balance exceeds 60 days. Once an account has been determined to be seriously delinquent all charging privileges will be suspended and the account reverted to COD only. Credit privileges may be reinstated when the entire account balance is paid to zero and upon request. Such request is subject to review and approval by the Accounts Receivable Specialist.
  • 11. ACCOUNTS 90 DAYS PAST DUE will be turned over to a Collection Agency or attorney (or both) and a Supplier’s Lien may be enforced, if applicable, at the discretion of the Accounts Receivable Specialist. The cost of filing will be billed directly against the account.
  • 12. On any PAST DUE ACCOUNT, the Company is authorized to apply any accounts payables of the individual or company to the balance due on the PAST DUE ACCOUNT.
  • 13. Applicants and businesses are solely responsible for all charges made by any person, employee or agent who uses the Applicant’s fuel card, or otherwise charges against Applicant’s account, regardless of whether the person was authorized by Applicant to do so. It is solely the Applicant’s responsibility to make sure that Applicant’s account numbers and credit card are kept secured.
  • 14. To the extent allowed by applicable law, Applicant may be required to grant to the Company a contractual possessory security interest in, and may be required to assign, convey, pledge and transfer to the Company all of the Applicant's rights, and interest in and to any and all accounts with the Company (whether in the form of deposit, earnest money or some other account), including without limitation all accounts held jointly with someone else and all future accounts opened with the Company. Applicant authorizes the Company, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to charge and setoff all sums due and owing on any account with the Company.
  • 15. Applicant, as Debtor, grants a security interest to Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc. in products that Debtor purchases from, and with credit now owing or hereafter extended by, Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc., and in proceeds and after-acquired property that Debtor purchases with those proceeds. Debtor grants a security interest in and on all patronage refunds that Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc. distributes to Debtor with cash or allocated equities, as security for Debtor's payment obligations arising from Debtor's purchases of products and services from Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc. with credit extended by Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc. Debtor agrees and authorizes Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc. to perfect its security interest by filing appropriate forms in governmental offices.
  • 16. Applicant agrees that equity credits, if any, that are allocated from Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc.’s earnings are subject by law or this agreement to set off against your obligations to the Company, including your obligations under this credit policy. Allocated equity credits are eventually revolved and paid to holders of those equities according to policies established by the Board of Directors. Management may, in its sole discretion, accelerate, discount and set off redemption of allocated equities against and with your obligations when management determines that it is insecure about eventual collection of your obligations. You remain obligated, however, for repayment of the entire obligation. If your obligation is repaid in whole or in part, the Company may choose to proportionally reinstate equities at their book value.
  • 17. Debtor agrees that this agreement may be executed in counterparts, including counterparts provided by facsimile or email attachment or executed by or electronic or digital signature, each of which shall be deemed an original but together shall constitute but one and the same instrument.
  • 18. The company may discontinue credit at any time. When credit is discontinued, all future purchases must be made on a cash only basis. The company may take any and all action it considers necessary to collect the unpaid balance on accounts, plus service charges accumulated, collections costs (minimum $100.00 fee) and any other costs to the Company as a result of its actions to collect said accounts.
  • 19. By accepting credit from Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc., Debtor hereby agrees to all the terms and conditions contained within this Credit Policy and as the Company may amend from time to time.
  • 20. Bleyhl Farm Service, Inc. reserves the right to restrict or limit credit privileges when it deems necessary with, or without notice.