Company History

January 1, 1964

Bleyhl CO·OP is founded.

Bleyhl CO·OP, named after brothers Alex and Carl Bleyhl, was founded. (237 farmers each chipped in $1)

January 1, 1969

Fred Harris takes the lead

Fred Harris took over the reins as Bleyhl’s second general manager, following Ray Whitcomb.

January 1, 1973

Grandview is added

Bleyhl CO·OP purchased its Grandview location from Pacific Supply.

January 1, 1977

Expansion into Zillah

The CO·OP was expanded into Zillah.

January 1, 1982

Expansion of cardtrol stations

A cardtrol station was built in Toppenish along with a bulk fuel plant and Grandview also received a cardtrol station.

January 1, 1984

Bleyhl Purchases Western Farmers Co-op

January 1, 1992

Greg Robertson takes over

Greg Robertson took over as the Co·op's third general manager.

January 1, 1993

Disaster strikes in Granger and Zillah

Fire destroyed the old Granger feed mill and the Zillah retail store’s roof collapsed.

January 1, 1998

Grandview Expands

Land was purchased in Grandview to include a future retail complex, cardtrol, energy office, and a main office.

January 1, 2000

New headquarters completed

Bleyhl completed construction on a new main office, energy office/warehouse and cardtrol station.

January 1, 2006

Sunnyside gets a remodel

Remodel of the Sunnyside location was completed.

January 1, 2008

New retail store finishes construction

The Co·op’s new retail store and Wine Country Deli was completed

January 1, 2010

Expansion of propane storage plant

Bleyhl built a 120,000 gallon rail propane storage plant which extended its total storage capacity to 300,000.

January 1, 2013

Second rail spur finished in Sunnyside

The second rail spur and unloading tower was completed in Sunnyside.

January 1, 2014

New Agronomy Center and Shop

January 1, 2015

New CEO Dan Morano

Dan Morano was hired as Bleyhl Co·op's new CEO.